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Head Shot , Holly Campbell

It was crisis that propelled me out of my comfort zone. Renting out the family house I owned in Chicago for 20 years, my tenants suddenly stopped paying rent. I had just 24 hours to make a decision to move from the life established in Lawrence, Kansas and start an emergency process to sell the house. During this time of total upheaval, I followed a “soul base” process, one I offer to my clients.

I began asking myself what I really wanted and what was possible for me, a woman in her mid-50s. How ambitious could my dreams afford to be?

Trust me, I have gone to extremes to find my own truth and purpose. I embraced change so abruptly, I felt as if I had lit a match to my fears and set them ablaze. I developed the audacity to walk on the hot embers of this fire and exchange my “safe” life for a completely new one. (And the truth is, I am happier than I have ever been.)

The first step toward creating soul base intentions means to live from the soul. Live in alignment with your highest truth and follow your inner guidance. It also means going “full out.” Ignoring fear and not being afraid to fail. This commitment to following my heart and creating soul base intentions, is what guided me to my passion, which is coaching others.  As you many know, fear is our body’s way of keeping us safe. But it also keeps us stuck and afraid. 

We find our spirit suffocating from our lack of real progress in life. As we step towards our fears, we discover that failure is just a story we tell ourselves.  Sometimes the event leading us to falling flat on our bottom is the point where we are closest to our biggest win.

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