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My Coaching Process

Head Shot , Holly Campbell

If you are reading this, chances are that you are puzzling over some big changes of your own, and that you are feeling fear as well. Now is the time for you to get some answers. You’re not broken, you are just unclear how to discern the path forward. What is possible for you? What would life look like if you could go beyond your fears toward the goals that take you out your comfort zone?

A coach holds a space and keeps a vision for what is possible for you. They don’t fix you or tell you what to do; they are not fixers, therapists, or healers. They help you uncover your true strengths, and unpeel the layers of fear, overwhelm and uncertainty that have obscured your potential. I see it as a sacred role to help you connect with your own power and purpose.

A tool I personally use is the Habit Change Method©. The key to “habit change” is restructuring at an identity level. So, for example, by establishing a foundation of positive eating habits, it’s not about depriving yourself of foods you love, it’s about becoming the kind of person who chooses healthy living because it’s who you are. True behavior change is identity change. I also incorporate evidence - based coaching principles such as motivational interviewing, neurolinguistic programming (NLP), positive psychology, mindfulness practices, and other modalities. 

Prepare yourself, a coaching experience means you are doing heavy lifting. Getting weekly action assignment and coming to each session ready to share your emotions, frustrations and dragging fear with you, who is ready to sabotage every forward move you make. Together we will focus on one big shift, that game changing dream paralyzing you from taking action.

An integral part of this process is helping you develop the skills to help yourself. It means I will not be your coach forever but will assist you to sustain your own vision of an exciting future.

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