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My Credentials

Head Shot , Holly Campbell

Certified Life Coach

Certified Health Coach

Accredited by Health Coach Institute

Certified Grief Coach

Accredited by Institute of Professional Grief Coaching. 

Helps you process your feelings of loss and navigate your grief journey.

Mastery of the Habit Coach Method©

Revolutionary approach to behavior change using a combination of coaching, accountability, and proven habit-forming techniques for lasting change.

Certified Magnetic Mind Coach

Helping you develop a positive mindset to attract success and happiness by harnessing the power of your thoughts, beliefs, and emotions.

Trained in Magnetic Mind Rapid Recode™

Using NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and other tools to rapidly shift limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns holding you back from your goals. Creating a positive, empowering mindset that attracts success and happiness into your life.

Clarity Catalyst for Coaches

A course based on The Stanford University Program Creativity in Business. A professional development program for coaches to enhance coaching skills based on creative problem-solving, design thinking, and innovation.

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